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The United Church of Canada
Learn about the history, beliefs, and structure of the United Church; how its work is funded; and how the church partners with faith groups and other organizations in Canada and around the world.

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Five Oaks (United Church Education and Retreat Centre)
Five Oaks offers programs for people of all ages, families, youth groups and congregations to deepen their spirituality, broaden their knowledge of the Judeo-Christian story with relevance to today’s world and develop ways of living faithfully in God’s world. The centre also hosts a great variety of church and community groups.

Five Oaks Provides a beautiful natural setting in which groups can live in community and strengthen their relationships with each other, God, the Christian community and Creation.

TCOW (Two Countries One World)
TCOW is a United Church service and learning initiative, challenging and changing the lives of youth in Waterloo Presbytery. They strive to awaken youth to the realities of economic and social Justice Issues in developing countries and how our own trade and foreign policies effect these issues for others and for ourselves. Every two years over the March Break, they plan a trip to a developing nation, with day-long learning workshops throughout the preceding year to help prepare participants. Their programs are for youth gr.9-12+. TCOW was developed as a continuation to the growth and development of faith for youth after confirmation and as a way to encourage their global citizenship.