Committees and Structure

Parkminster could not function without all the work of our many Committees.  There is a committee for every set of skills out there, so if you are looking to get involved, we have a place for you!  Our formal structure and committee definitions can be found in Our Constitution; last updated in 2010.

Less formal descriptions of our committees can be found below.  If you are interested in getting more information, or getting involved in any of our committees please get in contact with the office and let us know!  You can reach us at (519) 885-0935 or via email.

Worship and Music

The worship services are a place for reflection and growing in our understanding of what we believe, how we experience God, and who we are as a community of Jesus followers. Worship is also a source of spiritual and emotional care. The worship and music committee is a team of volunteers, the music director and minister of worship that meets monthly to plan and co-ordinate worship experiences that meet the needs of our faith community. We meet on the second Tuesday of the month, at 5 p.m.

Music is a valued expression and experience of worship for many at Parkminster. For more information about music here, check out the Adult Groups tab.

Pastoral Care

Purpose: To assist the Ministers in attending to the needs of the congregation for Pastoral Care and to provide opportunities for members to provide a Ministry of Pastoral Care to members of the congregation.

Pastoral care is about connecting with people in a way that offers support and lets them know that we care about them. We are all involved in pastoral care…when we listen to someone who needs to talk, when we call or visit just to see how things are going, or when we offer rides or food to help someone going through a difficult period.  The Pastoral Care Committee tries to facilitate support and care, where and when it’s needed, whether it’s offering a prayer shawl, providing a ride to church, being part of the prayer chain, arranging for poinsettias and Easter flowers, using the Benevolent Fund, sending a card, or having a visit.  We try to do all of these things in a way that respects people’s wishes for privacy.

Each year we are also responsible for the following events:

  • Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner event in early November
  • Longest Night Service on December 21st
  • Partnering with Stewardship and Membership Committees to provide a Chili Lunch in late January

Pastoral Care meets on the third Tuesday of the month, from September to June.  We invite anyone who after reading the above description, feels they would like to support Parkminster’s congregation in this way. Respecting confidentiality is a must.


As well as keeping the church records accurate and membership lists up-to-date, this ministry is really about people.    It’s about creating an environment where new people feel welcome, where members and adherents feel that they belong and are valued; where we work together, worship together, care about one another, and socialize together. We do this by:

  • Providing a welcome table each Sunday, name tags, pew envelopes, and an annual luncheon for new people, creating an environment where those looking for a church feel welcome.
  • Overseeing the House Group program which involves more than 150 people each year in assisting with Sunday morning worship duties. This deepens connections, facilitates new friendships and enables many to contribute without an extensive time commitment.
  • Maintaining an up-to-date directory to facilitate communication.
  • Calling and sending notes and cards to visitors and those not attending regularly.
  • Arranging volunteers for the Family Worship Space–Toddler Room at the rear of the sanctuary. This is a good solution for young families with kids not ready for Sunday School.  It also provides an opportunity for young parents to get to know one another.
  • Working with Pastoral Care to organize volunteers to make calls and deliver soup to those needing a visit
  • Sharing in hosting a welcome-back BBQ in the Fall and a chili lunch in the Winter. Such events help to build relationships and a sense of community amongst all at Parkminster.
  • Working with Pastoral Care to host a Strawberry Social in June to bring together those not able to get to church any longer, with long-time friends at Parkminster.
  • Participating on the Nominating Committee, bringing useful information which enables a broader range of people to be invited to serve in committee/leadership roles.

Christian Education

We are a lively group of interesting individuals who love to work with children and like to develop creative ways to learn about and praise God!

We generally meet every other month and do a lot of communication by email as we are a busy crowd.

We welcome anyone, with open arms, who would like to contribute to the adult, youth or children’s spiritual development at Parkminster United Church and in our community.  We will even feed you at meetings!!


Educates the congregation about the total mission of the church, to address the fact that our interests and actions as a congregation extend into our local and global communities; and to encourage and arrange congregational participation in local and global projects


Inclusive Ministries

Every Sunday Parkminster begins worship by welcoming everyone. This is one of the key values that draws people to our faith community. Our committee works to help Parkminster focus on this vision of being inclusive and welcoming. We look for ways to create better inclusion, and draw attention to issues and practices that exclude and marginalize people. We do this through activities that help build awareness and relationships, and offer ways to take action within the church and the greater community.


Oversees and ensures sound management of the financial affairs of the church; ensures that all treasurer functions are carried out effectively; advises Council on financial plans and results and on matters of financial stability and sustainability; and provides leadership on financial issues. Note that this responsibility does not extend to the Parkminster Memorial Endowment Fund or the land and buildings owned by the church. Those assets are managed by the Trustees.


To nurture, facilitate and engage members and potential members of the congregation in identifying and committing their time, talents and treasures to Parkminster on an ongoing basis.   We are responsible for organizing Rally Sunday and the Chili Lunch each year, as well as occasional events such as the Dream Auction.  People of all ages who want to encourage an atmosphere of community and involvement at Parkminster are welcome to join us.


The property committee is responsible for the care, maintenance, and security of our church facilities.  This includes the grounds, building, furniture, and equipment.  We meet about 8 times per year to discuss the needed upgrades and plans for work parties.  Members tend to have interest and or skills related to construction and maintenance.  Minor decision are made by the committee but if there is a major repair needed it is presented to church council for approval.

Ministry and Personnel

The Ministry and Personnel Committee is a confidential, consultative body that supports the pastoral relationship. M&P oversees the Pastoral Charge Ministry, particularly the roles and functions of paid and volunteer leaders. Sometimes the M&P Committee provides a supportive role while at the same time, carrying out supervisory functions. The M&P is a mandatory committee required by the bylaws of the United Church of Canada.

Board of Trustees: Purpose

  1. To function according to the United Church Manual.
  2. To oversee the Memorial Garden.
  3. To oversee the Gifts and Memorials Committee.
  4. To invest the funds in the Parkminster Memorial Endowment Fund, and disburse a percentage of the principal each year.

The Trustees meet as required to fulfill their duties.

Groups seeking financial support from the Parkminster Memorial Endowment Fund must apply for funding using a form available from the Church Office. These applications are first considered by Church Council, which sends its recommendation, regarding the application, to the Trustees for their consideration and decision.

Church Council

Church Council at Parkminster is how we ensure that the ‘sum of the parts is greater than the whole’. By providing operational leadership within the congregation and supporting the great work done by our committees and staff; we are a decision-making body on behalf of the congregation that helps coordinate and integrate initiatives, programs, and ideas in a way that support the mission and vision of Parkminster United Church.  Church Council generally meets in the evening on the 3rd Thursday of each month and usually takes a break in July and August.  Members of Church Council are the Elders of the congregation and include, the Council Chair, Past Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee Liaisons (3), a Trustee Representative as well as Ministry Staff.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the above groups we encourage you to contact the office for more information.  Call (519) 885-0935 or send us an email.