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There are many different ways to join Parkminster, and we know there is one that will work for you. If you are interested in joining please contact the office, speak to a minister, or fill out a pew envelope. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Baptism Policy

Policy is currently under review. Please call the office for information.

Inquirer Program

At Parkminster, when youth reach grades 9 they are considered eligible to consider confirmation. Confirmation is the act of confirming your faith in front of the congregation and taking the responsibility of your future faith journey on yourself. Being confirmed makes you a full adult member in our church. Deciding if you would like to be confirmed can be a daunting task and so we offer an inquirers program to these youth for the year leading up to their decision. Partaking in the Inquirers program does not commit the youth to being confirmed but simply provides opportunities for discover, learning and growth before the time comes to make the decision. The youth are assisted in their journey by a mentor of their choosing from the congregation. In Spring of 2012 we had 7 Youth Confirm their faith with the support of Parkminster’s Congregation.