Who Are We?

Parkminster is a theologically evolving community of faith that:

  • Celebrates the rich heritage of our Christian faith
  • Takes seriously the spiritual search as believers, questioners and questioning believers
  • Celebrates music as a key expression of the Spirit
  • Nurtures children and youth in their spiritual journey
  • Is welcoming, open, inclusive
  • Respects our diversity as we seek unity in the Spirit
  • Has a wealth of gifts, talents and passions
  • Practices our spirituality by serving others and reaching out to the community beyond our doors
  • Demonstrates a strong sense of fellowship and commitment to caring for each other, and for our world
  • Embraces the sacredness of all life and the living earth

God is calling us to be an evolving community of faith inspired to embrace our future as we:

  • Deepen our commitment to each other
  • Nurture our spiritual vitality and growth
  • Live a life of loving influence in the world