Parkminster Evolving

Dear Friends,

The following report and associated presentation is the result of a journey started in May 2012 when the Congregation of Parkminster tasked a group of interested members – the Congregational Development Team (CD Team) – to develop an action plan to guide our church into the future, ensuring long term health and sustainability.

The decision to stop and evaluate ‘what God is calling us to be and do’ was bold. This was not a broken church that needed to be fixed, but a vibrant community of faith engaged in a process of renewal.  In fact, the list of activities presently taking place is wondrous.

Jesus’ life, death and resurrection informed a movement of spiritual pilgrims that continues to this day through gatherings we call congregations.  But our calling is not to “be like Jesus” mimicking what he did 2000 year ago.  We’re not here to copy.  We’re here to co-create.  We need to recapture the sense of being a movement, not a static church that exists to perpetuate structures and beliefs that may have served us well in the past.   (Bruce Sanguin, The Emerging Church).

Between May 2012 and March 2013, the CD Team spent numerous hours reading and meeting with a variety of people inside and outside the church. This helped us to better understand and create an action plan to help enable this creative emergence that Bruce Sanguin and others are speaking and writing about.

The report is a story of this journey over the last ten months. A journey that is told through the following sections:

  • Why (Background page 3)
  • What has been done (Activities To Date page 3)
  • What was learned (Significant Learnings Identified page 4),
  • What does this information mean (Recommended Action Plan page  7)

The presentation was delivered at the Annual Congregational Meeting March 3, 2013 and reflects key recommendations found in the report.  The motions detailed in the presentation were approved unanimously.  These included the Action Plan, and the development of a Ministry of Possibilities Committee to further the work of the Action Plan.  A Communications Committee was also approved.  Work is being done to get these Committees started as soon as possible.

We hope you read the report in its entirety. We do not apologize for its length.  These findings and the resulting recommendations will be used as guidance for the next several years.  This information also provides you with the rationale for these recommendations.

The Congregational Development Team would like to express our appreciation for the trust and support that we have received.  It has been an honour and an amazing experience.  The possibilities are endless, ready for Parkminster to embrace and that is truly exciting!

Respectfully Submitted,
The Congregational Development Team

CD Team Report to the Congregation
CD Team Annual Meeting Presentation