Are you looking for ways to re-educate yourself about our colonial history? Come see the play Discovery: A Comic Lament to be performed in four locations in Waterloo Region from May 31-June 3. Through humour and drama, the play invites audiences to learn about and lament the ongoing legacy of the Doctrine of Discovery and to connect with Indigenous-led healing and justice efforts.  It nudges us to question our stories with honesty and integrity. Local invited guests Mino Ode Kwewak N’gamowak  (Good Hearted Women Singers) will open and close each event.

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Why a play about the Doctrine of Discovery?

The play is jointly sponsored by an ecumenical group of churches in Waterloo Region as a response to the call to churches from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission “to repudiate concepts used to justify European sovereignty over Indigenous lands and peoples, such as the Doctrine of Discovery…”

Many churches, faith groups and even governments have made statements repudiating this Doctrine that gave Christian governments legal rights to seize land from its Indigenous inhabitants without their consent or any legal justification. But formal statements barely scratch the surface of the narrative that lies deep within the psyche of settlers who call this land their home. The attitudes embedded in the Doctrine of Discovery continue to be alive in the way we tell our stories of settling this land and in the presumed permission we grant to extractive industries to displace and destroy Indigenous peoples and other vulnerable communities as well as to harm the earth.

These stories are hard to talk about, and so our confusion, shame and lack of understanding continue to inhibit our empathy and action. That is why we have come together as churches and faith groups to sponsor Discovery: A Comic Lament. This is an important play on a current issue for our community and for better understanding our relations with our Indigenous neighbours.