You are not alone. Come share the journey.

Sheila Rule

At Parkminster, we strive to live in relationship with each other, connecting with and caring for one another on many levels. We welcome and affirm the value of each and every person in our community of faith. Our ministry of pastoral care, under the leadership of Rev. Heather Power and Rev. Joe Gaspar as well…

Virginia McQuay and Mary Reynolds

Membership creates an environment where new people feel welcome, where members and adherents feel that they belong and are valued; where we work together, worship together, care about one another, and socialize together. Keeps the church records accurate and membership lists up-to-date. Pastoral Care encourages and provides opportunities for all members of the congregation to exercise the ministry of pastoral care for…

Mary Reynolds

Nominates people for council executive positions, committee chairs, trustees, Region 8 representatives, and other positions of leadership; works with committee chairs to nominate committee members with the broad range of experience, talents and viewpoints their committees and the congregation need.

Sarah Bruce

Supports the communications, promotions and marketing needs of the church to ensure those within and outside our congregation receive the right information at the right time in a way that speaks to them. The role of Communications is to market Parkminster’s vision and mission, reflect its life and activities, and foster community.

Maureen Crawford

Worship services at Parkminster provide time for spiritual reflection under the guidance of Rev. Joe Gaspar and Rev Heather Power, as well as exceptional music thanks to our music director, Neil Murray and several music groups (Voices United choir, Bell choir, Men’s Chorus, House Band). Lay leadership is actively encouraged during Sunday worship through House…

Nancy Dykstra/Shelley Mutton

Works with the ministers and music director in all matters pertaining to worship services.  The worship services are a place for reflection and growing in our understanding of what we believe, how we experience God, and who we are as a community of Jesus followers. Worship is also a source of spiritual and emotional care.…

Bruce Mutton

Cultivates knowledge and passion about our mission; helps the congregation understand how the budget reflects our mission statement. Interprets, through stories, why resources are needed and how they will be used; personalizes giving by providing the opportunity for people to express their gratitude for what their gifts do.

Franceen Wagner

Provides children, youth and young families with their own experience of a faith community; explores the story of the Holy (God) through the Bible and other stories; and connects these stories to the lived experience of the learners with emphasis on creativity, healthy relationships and the development of compassion.