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Sermons by Rev. Joe Gaspar (Page 5)

Christmas Possibilities

Christmas Possibilities—Luke 2: 1-20 (December 24, 2019—Christmas Eve Communion Service) I wonder sometimes if we aren’t all a little tired of this story.  Perhaps that’s why Christmas has been re-invented as a key economic indicator, eagerly anticipated for it’s economic stimulus.  Gift giving once a symbolic act of God’s gift to us has become disconnected from any spiritual meaning, co-opted by the…

Dreaming God’s Dream

Dreaming God’s Dream—Matthew 1: 18-25 (December 22, 2019—4th Sunday in Advent) Everybody is looking for a bargain this time of year or at least the appearance of a bargain.  I see where some stores are holding “Boxing Week” sales before Christmas even happens. Well let me tell you about the great 2 for 1 bargain you get with scripture.  Every time you…

Hoping Without Expectation

Hoping Without Expectation—Matthew 24: 3-4, 36-44 December 8, 2019- 2ndt Sunday in Advent I have a hard time with Matthew’s Gospel.  It’s full of dire warnings about what will happen if you don’t follow God’s way.  In Matthew, God is a judge and a punisher who separates out the faithful and the unfaithful.  Frankly, on first reading Matthew’s theology forms the backbone…

Living a Mystery

I love baptism Sundays. There is so much hope in the air on days like today. Not much different from what the crowd in our faith story must have felt. Everything looked so promising. Here was this itinerant preacher/teacher from a small hick town riding into Jerusalem, into the heart of civic and religious power proclaiming a new vision for a people held under the thumb of Roman rule. Jesus was like an open window that magically appeared in the locked room of their existence.