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Invitation to take action – Inclusive Ministries

Every week we acknowledge that our relationship with First Peoples has not been respectful and that we strive for right relations today. What does that like?

Locally, there is an ongoing land conflict near Caledonia, over what is known now as 1492 Landback Lane. One thing we’ve learned is that listening to their side of history and their experience is an important part of respect.

One message we hear from members of the Haudenosaunee of Six Nations is that the land dispute is between them and the Federal government. They’re doing what they feel they need to do to prevent the loss of another piece of land in the absence of dialogue about long standing treaty issues. This has led to arrests and fines as the provincial justice system intercedes and portrays what they are doing as criminal.

How to be in relationship? There is an ecumenical group, led by Christian Peacemaker Teams that has been working on ways faith communities and individuals can respond:

  1. Help provide food. Every Friday a local church group provides lunch for the 30 or so people at 1492 Landback Lane. There are at least 8 churches involved now. You can support by making a donation to Parkminster and identifying it as for the Landback Lane Lunches. You can also help make food – buns, salad, cookies, etc. We could use more cooks ☺ Thank you to those who stepped up to help make the Feb 12 delivery possible!  Contact Nancy Dykstra if you’re interested in helping out. 

Land Back Lane & The Ongoing Six Nations Struggle for Land