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Nancy Dykstra/Jim Bowman

As part of our understanding of what it means to live lives of loving influence in the world, Parkminster has helped to support refugee families in various capacities over the years. Most recently, through the Resettlement Committee, we were intimately involved in helping a Syrian family find their feet here, from March 2016 to July 2019. While the “official” nature of this relationship has ended, ongoing friendships and informal support and tutoring continue. The committee also submitted a private sponsorship application through the United Church of Canada in early 2018 to bring the mother’s sister and her children and nephew to Canada. They have been in a refugee camp in Lebanon for several years. Their applications have been accepted and we await with anticipation the notification that they are on their way here. This process can take time and is unpredictable – often a case of wait, and hurry up! We look forward to welcoming this new family to KW and assisting in reuniting them with their family members already here. Watch for an update on their status!