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Community and Change

Change—Beginning Sunday, January 20 until Sunday
February 9th we will be exploring the theme of “Community and
Change” during the reflection time in worship. We will look at what
questions and lessons some of our faith stories give us about
entering into and managing change in a community of faith. Here are
the themes for each week:
o January 20: Wandering in the Wilderness—The Need to be Lost
o January 26: Bread for the Journey—Finding Sustenance on the
o February 2: Letting Go—Making Room for the New
o February 9: One More Step—Life as a Trustworthy Adventure

Community and Change – One More Step

Matthew 17: 1-8 Community and Change-One More Step Sunday, February 9, 2020 – Rev. Heather Power Today marks the end of our sermon series on Community and Change. Each week during the series Joe has started off with a light bulb joke. So here’s mine… How many Heather’s does it take to change a light bulb? Why change the light bulb when…

Community and Change – Letting Go

Community and Change-Letting Go-Jeremiah 1: 14-16 & Mark 2: 18-22  (February 2, 2020) Here is another light bulb joke for you, how many Anglicans does it take to change a light bulb?  The answer—ten, one to change the light bulb and nine to say how much they liked the old one.  It can be hard to let go of the old, even…

Bread for the Journey

Community and Change-Bread for the Journey-Exodus 16: 1-6, 13-15 (January 26, 2020) Last week I started this sermon series on community and change with a light bulb joke. What makes light bulb jokes so great for this topic is that they point our particular quirks or approaches to change. Here is another one, having picked on the United Church last week we’ll…

Wandering in the Wilderness

Community and Change-Wandering in the Wilderness Exodus 13: 17-22 (January 19, 2020-2nd Sunday after Epiphany) I hope you like self-deprecating humour.  How many church members does it take to change a light bulb?  The answer—“Change!?  We don’t change!”  Individual change is hard enough but institutional change that involves so many people with different personalities, values and agendas can be daunting, rife with…