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Sermons on Children

Nothing to Prove

Nothing to Prove—Matthew 3: 13-17 (January 12, 2020-Baptism of Jesus) I can’t imagine anything more frustrating than having my identity stolen. Frank Norman, from St. John’s, Newfoundland had this happen to him after his wallet was taken. It was one nightmare after another for him. He was arrested for stealing from a Wal-Mart even though he’d never been to the town in…

A Moment of Epiphany

A Moment of Epiphany  Matthew 2:1-12 January 5, 2020 – Parkminister UC – Rev. Heather Power Note: Some inspiration for this sermon came from a reflection on Over the years I have coordinated a lot of Christmas pageants. Perhaps it’s because I’ve directed so many Christmas pageants, but when I hear the story of the wise ones visiting the baby Jesus,…

Children’s Sunday

Note: some illustrations adapted/inspired by The United Church of Canada’s Children’s Sunday resource materials. The Maasai people of Kenya retain much of their traditional ways and cultural heritage. For as long as anyone can remember, their warriors used to greet each other with what translates to “How are the children?”  It is the most widely used greeting by the whole community. The…

Living a Mystery

I love baptism Sundays. There is so much hope in the air on days like today. Not much different from what the crowd in our faith story must have felt. Everything looked so promising. Here was this itinerant preacher/teacher from a small hick town riding into Jerusalem, into the heart of civic and religious power proclaiming a new vision for a people held under the thumb of Roman rule. Jesus was like an open window that magically appeared in the locked room of their existence.