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July 3

My Faith Story
(Roxy Linkletter- July 3, 2022)

Have you ever wondered or questioned the reality of the religious teachings you
heard as a child? This was a big concern for me as a child.
I was born and raised in a rural community about 6 km from Moncton, NB. My
family attended the one- room community church which consisted of a
congregation of people from several denominations…Baptist, United, Anglican,
and folks of no denomination. I attended Sunday School, sang in the Junior Choir
and attended church sponsored summer camps but had large spiritual questions
which I did not feel I had permission to ask. I wondered if I belonged and why I did
not accept the teachings of my peers and teachers. It was all a mystery to me.
I have felt and still feel like a child of nature. As a child I loved being out of doors
exploring the woods, streams, wading in the water- filled ruts in the road, picking
wild blueberries, riding my bike, sledding on the hill on our road and helping my
father plant and harvest the vegetable garden. Today my soul continues to be
nourished by the beauty and wonder of my garden. From a very early age I loved
car camping which led into one of my favorite activities… canoe camping in the
interior of our amazing Canadian Parks. Being in the quiet and beauty of nature
really fills my spirit. Totally immersing my body as well as my head in the water
in a lake or the salt water of the sea has always given me the sensation of being at
one with the water and the universe.
Going forward I married Don, a theology student not so that my spiritual
questions would be answered but because I loved him. I did not realize the role I
was stepping into. There was lots of activity related to the church, and issues to
be dealt with but again I was restless looking for a deeper relationship with God.
Then one Sunday in the church bulletin I saw advertised a course at University of
Waterloo….Christianity, Spirituality and Mysticism . Without hesitation I enrolled
in the course. Having been educated as a nurse I had never experienced the
university environment so participating in the course was a new experience for
me…a scary one. I persevered and I was encouraged by friends, family and the
professor Francois Gerard, who was connected to Parkminster Church, I believe.
During the course I was introduced to the writings of Carl Jung, William James and
others. These authors taught me that there was more to life than just stuff. There

is a reality that transcends what can be named and measured. And a quote by
Francois Gerard turned my life around. He said, “all that you seek, you are, all
that you seek you are”. He then went on to teach and help me recognize the
importance of being aware of my inner spirit in order to have a closer relationship
with God. This message really resonated with me. I began to read scripture and
see the world and people around me from a different perspective. Most
importantly I became aware that I had been and continued to be on a Spiritual
Journey. A journey which encouraged and gave me permission to take my gifts
seriously…. being introspective, engaging in silent meditation, appreciating the
wonders of nature and paying attention to the simple things of life. These
qualities tend to quiet outside distractions and enable me to attend more fully to
my inner voice, the Devine spirit within.
Upon returning to Waterloo 12 years ago, I was attracted to Parkminister Church
by the theology that was presented and with which I could identity. Small
groups enabled me to express myself in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Today
I pray for and give thanks to be a member of a community that continues to feed
my inner spirit by the thought-provoking messages provided by Heather and Joe,
the music program, study groups and the openness and energy with which many
people are committed to various consciousness raising groups in our community
and beyond.
As I travel on this journey much still remains a mystery to me but I go on in faith
that the Devine spirit dwells within and my role is to be open and listen.