You are not alone. Come share the journey.

Two Countries One World (TCOW) is a United Church service and learning initiative, challenging and changing the lives of youth. Parkminster is very pleased to support youth from our congregation to participate in these life-changing experiences.

Every two years over the March Break, a trip is planned, with day-long learning workshops throughout the preceding year to help prepare participants. TCOW was developed as a continuation to the growth and development of faith for youth after confirmation and as a way to encourage their global citizenship.

TCOW INITIATIVES ON HOLD – MESSAGE FROM COLLEEN USATY: The committee of Two Countries One World (TCOW) has made the tough decision to wrap up our initiatives for now. Additionally, due to low enrollment our sleepover event on March 22-23 will be cancelled. After 20 wonderful years, the team is ready to rest and excited to see what new path TCOW may take in the future. Following our Easter theology, we look forward to discovering how God will guide the resurrection of TCOW and its values in the future, and
what other forms it may take.

We would like to extend our greatest thanks and appreciation to all who have been involved with TCOW over the years. We have been so overwhelmed by the support, involvement, encouragement, ideas, participation, eagerness to learn, and excitement that so many people have contributed to TCOW. Thank you to past participants & leaders, volunteers, family & friends, congregations, churches, and everyone who has supported TCOW emotionally, spiritually, financially and otherwise throughout our first 20 years. Our four pillars have allowed us to serve and learn through relationships with communities in Nicaragua, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Colombia. What a difference we have all made in so many ways, including the development of active faith and global citizenship among hundreds of United Church youth. We look forward to future opportunities and conversations about Two Countries One World. The website ( and email ( will continue to be monitored for anyone looking to reach out. Again, thank you for all your efforts. We hope to be in contact in the future with exciting news! ~ Colleen Usaty (She/Her), On behalf of the TCOW Committee

For more information about TCOW, please visit: