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The Community Labyrinth

Labyrinth Winter Solstice Event

Our series of seasonal labyrinth walks continues (yes, we know
the solstice was in December but it was just too darn busy then).
Come out on Saturday, January 25th from 1:30-3:30pm for a
guided Winter Solstice labyrinth walk. We will be using the work of
Quaker spiritual writer Parker Palmer and the labyrinth as tools to
reflect on the spiritual lessons of the winter season for our lives.
We’ll begin by meeting in the family room, then go out to the
labyrinth and return to the family for a de-briefing time. You’re
invited to bring a pen, journal/notebook and appropriate outdoor
clothing for the day. Similar events for the spring equinox and
summer solstice are being planned . For more information contact
Rev. Joe Gaspar (519 885 0935 ext. 23 or Rev. Heather Power
(519 885 0935 ext. 22 It
would be helpful if you could rsvp.