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Cancelled Nicaragua Fundraiser Concert featuring The Band due to COVID-19

It is estimated that John Watson and his Nicaraguan project have fully or partially supported the
construction of over 25 houses, two community centre projects and three schools. There are now four
families being quietly supported in Managua and funds donated to assist teacher’s salaries on Ometepe
Island. Through regular returns to Nicaragua, there has been the establishment of a broad network of
relationships with families, businesses and social services. Having friends and connections outside their
communities is rare for many Barrio residents. There is no clear way to measure the depth and value of
these relationships, except perhaps by the intensity of the hugs, the social gatherings and meals shared
with those from Nicaragua who are now an entrenched part of our lives. This aides in helping the global
community learn more about the extreme challenges of living in an impoverished and currently
politically abused country.

The plan is to return in April 2020 to continue. Given some physical issues faced by John Langford and
myself, we are unlikely to engage in a construction project this year. It is our intent to work specifically
with the families and schools we support and to investigate possible new projects for future years.

Support the Nicaragua Fundraising by coming out to the concert and hearing some great music by The Band.